I am an experienced engineering leader, product creator, and full stack engineer. I have over a decade of broad experience with technologies, industries, and scales of operation, having founded multiple startups in the AI and Ad-Tech industries, worked at enterprises as notable as Microsoft and Salesforce, won over 15 hackathons, and regularly built new products for fun or freelance. My engineering often involves machine learning, web scraping, and integrating many disparate systems. Some of my more interesting personal projects include the OpenAI GPT3 .Net SDK, the AllThePeople.net social media data mining system, and a teleprompter for Google Glass. Additionally, I started and run a major San Francisco live theater venue and am experienced at presenting at conferences and managing events in both professional and entertainment contexts. I am based in San Francisco but value location flexibility.

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I don't write new posts very often, but here are some of the things I've created:

Wearables XP Glass Edition

I used to love Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. In 2007 I bought a used Motion Computing tablet PC from a doctor’s office. It was a crappy computer: text input was extremely painful, the stylus wouldn’t properly calibrate, and there was no touch input. It wasn’t a reimagined computing experience, it was just a crippled laptop. But it was so amazing to hold a keyboardless laptop! This wasn’t the future exactly, but it was a taste of tablet computing, and it felt exhilarating to be on the edge of a completely reinvented form factor. It took several years before Apple overhauled the tablet experience and the idea gained mainstream acceptance, and even then the iPad owed a lot to the attempts that came before it.