We were promised a world where computers do our bidding, where intelligent bots handle the unpleasant work and leave humans free to enjoy life on their own terms. But what is more unpleasant and emotionally taxing than breaking off a relationship that has run its course? It’s time for a bot to step up and relieve us of our burdens!

I built this bot for the VentureBeat Botathon this weekend: https://stop.dating (domain name has since expired)

The Stop.Dating bot handles everything from breaking the news to your soon-to-be-ex and handling any followup pushback/questions/anger/guilt they may try to burden you with. The bot handles it all for you, and even helps to block your new ex so they can’t bother you anymore.

Ah, the sweet bliss of singleness without the messy conversation and feelings. Because what are bots good for if not reducing down a complex emotional ordeal to a well-defined set of tasks performed without mercy or remorse?

All of this is freshly built in 24 hours. Check out https://stop.dating (yes that was the domain name) or text 443-2-REJECT and you’ll be seconds away from unattached bliss!


In case it’s unclear, this bot is mostly tounge-in-cheek silliness. But it does work, so use it wisely! :-P