You’ve probably heard of the “around the world” ticket that lets you visit up to 16 different places around the world for one price. And you’ve probably heard of the various credit card offers where you get airline miles for signing up. What happens when we put those two together?

Here’s the plan:

Sign up for two Citi credit cards at 75,000 miles each with American Airlines (or 3 if you have amazing credit and/or a business) here. More information and some other deals on Slickdeals.

Spend $4000 on each card within 6 months. If you have trouble, consider buying coins from the US Mint.

Redeem 140,000 or 160,000 miles for an American Airlines OneWorld ticket as seen here.

It actually sounds rather simple, and won’t cost a dime. I’m very tempted, and you should be too! Who wants to join me?