A prototype of my Google Glass Karaoke app on YouTube! Just say “ok Glass, sing a song” followed by any song, and Glass Karaoke will play the songs on speakers and display the time-synced lyrics right in front of your eyes. Built in 24 sleepless hours at the South by Southwest Music Hackathon.

It uses the Echonest and LyricFind API’s for lyrics, the Gracenote and OpenAura API’s for music metadata (and hopefully ambient music identification eventually), and the new Beats Music API for playing the songs. Ideally it will use karaoke versions of songs with no vocals, but I couldn’t find a good API to easily pull those. Anyone have ideas?

This is a rough prorotype, so if you want to keep up with with future updates for Glass Karaoke, please follow me on Twitter @OkGoDoIt or check back here.