We’re at an exciting juncture in Large Language Models where they are very good at chatting in the persona of other people, if given appropriate prompting and examples. There have been a few headlines recently of people using Replika or Character AI to make chatbots versions of real people like Elon Musk to talk with. Of course, there are plenty of concerns about ethics, copyright, and control. If you are Elon Musk, you probably want some control over what this chatbot of you says to people. And if you’re a smaller celebrity or social media influencer, you also want to be able to monetize any chatbot of you.

Enter Doppler. Over the past few months I’ve been working on building a turn-key white-label chatbot builder for influencers, celebrities, and anyone with an enthusiastic fanbase. Doppler makes it easy, fast, and free for anyone to create a paid doppelgänger chatbot of themselves.

With your explicit permission, Doppler automatically clones your likeness, voice, manner of speaking/writing, and backstory from your social media profiles, message history, and brief voice interview. It then creates an AI chatbot of you accessible via web chat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs. Your fans can chat for free for a bit, and then are asked to pay a rate you set to keep talking. You get half the revenue, and Doppler keeps the other half.

The goal is to be like Shopify for chatbots. Doppler is a platform that makes it easy to make your own chatbot without coding. We handle the setup, implementation, integration, billing, and analytics. You spend 5 minutes setting it up and driving traffic to your new chatbot, and then sit back and get collect recurring revenue from your fans.

Unlike other startups claiming to be building similar ideas, Doppler is fully launched and usable today, with no waitlist. Try it yourself at https://doppler.page. There a lot more features coming soon, including WhatApp and Discord integration (alphas are already working), a wider range of data ingestion, better usage analytics, and automatically-generated shareable marketing graphics and videos, but the core product is already working well. Try it yourself by chatting with our virtual clone of Grimes using voice or text.

To build Doppler, I’ve partnered with one of the founders of Cerebral Valley, Aqeel Ali, who is leading the business, finance, and marketing side. I’ve built the initial MVP myself, but we’re looking to grow our technical team. If you’re interested in joining us on this exciting new journey, please get in touch at roger@doppler.page!