With your busy schedule, do you really want to spend so much time listening to phone menus and trying to find the right options? Use Call the Company to directly call human representatives at major companies. Just type in the company and/or department you are searching for, and click to connect right in your browser so you don’t have to use expensive cell phone or long-distance minutes.

I created Call the Company using the nifty Twilio Client for this week’s Twilio competition. It makes it astonishingly simple to connect to a live human representative from most any company. No more spending ten minutes navigating phone menus just to be get caught in an endless loop of phone call chaos! Call recipes are created, rated, and sorted by the community, meaning that as companies’ phone systems change, the application will be able to keep up. I also threw in a bit of a social layer, so go ahead and like a phone number on Facebook or tweet to Twitter, or just bookmark it the old-fashioned way for one-click calling.

Want to call Delta international reservations to check on that European vacation? How about talking with a Sprint account specialist to ask for a discount on your bill? So easy!

What’s next? While this competition focused mainly on the Twilio Client, I can see this being very useful as a phone call-based application as well. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?